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I spent the first half of my life in Hawaii, loving the beach, sun and outdoors. I still love all those things, but now reside in San Francisco. I keep telling myself that I'll move back home one day but that day keeps pushing back. When I graduated from UC Berkeley, I took a job as a marketing communications manager/web designer in a software company for three years but decided that graphic design was my calling. I obtained a second degree in fine arts, I have now been designing for four years strong.

My passion is in package design, but I also love doing print, identity, environment, typography and web design. Recently, I've picked up more wedding invitation work, which is always fun to do. I have two styles: my own and my client's style. Anyone can design in their own style, but graphic design is about communicating a client's objective. Listening and understanding the client's needs is just as important as the execution of the design. If you like my work, feel free to contact me at pauline@hokudesign.com.

Inspiration doesn't come from a textbook. There's really no formula, but you'll know when when you experience it. For me, it usually comes from my surroundings, experiences, anything from flyers at a cafe, a conversation in an elevator, nature, a beautiful pattern, an old photograph. I love organic shapes but I find myself putting things into neat little boxes at the same time. I am organized and at the same time, love the freedom to mess things up.

I can never really just dabble in something. I have to be fully, 100% invested in it, near the point of obsession. Some obsessions (past, present and future in no particular order) include: design, traveling, cooking, the Pacific Ocean, cross-process photography, glassblowing, letterpress, purses, shoes, Gustav Klimt, Dwell magazine, beaches, hiking, hula, Hawaiiana, shells, Cinque Terre, late-night dining, very small and very large type, books, silkscreen.

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